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There is something unique about white dog breeds.

They stand out from the rest of the crowd. draw you to them. Being in the presence of big fluffy dogs makes you immediately think ‘cuddle’!

But what is it like to own one of these snow coloured pets?

Does it mean that by owning one of these big fluffy dogs with their beautiful white coat mean you will be forever cleaning your home and trying to remove dog smells? Will it also make getting rid of dog fleas even harder?

Is it best to adopt one of the white fluffy dog breeds and take up grooming as a hobby (unless you choose a dog that doesn’t shed) or perhaps give a home to one of the small white dog breeds that fit anywhere and in anything, and need not half as much exercise?

Decisions, decisions.

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24 White Dog Breeds That Will Steal Your Heart


White dog breed eating out of the hand of a man


According to US pet statistics, over 43 million households own a dog in the United States.

People buy dogs for very different reasons: They might be lonely and want companionship. Farmers look for working dogs, guard dogs. Families search for the best dog breeds for kids.

And then there’s you.

You who wants to buy a big fluffy dog (that is white!) 

This article will show you a range of white dog breeds. From fluffy big dogs to the small white fluffy dog (that will steal your heart – guaranteed!) To help you choose which dog would best suit your needs.

Below you will find a list of 24 White dogs – each split into separate categories — large, small, fluffy, and medium.



Large White Dog Breeds



The Great Pyrenees

White Great Pyrenees Dog

The biggest of all the white dog breeds, The Great Pyrenees


Of all the big fluffy dogs the Great Pyrenees is probably the largest of all white dog breeds (and the best known of all the big white dog breeds!)

And she really is a big gentle giant.

Friendly and loyal, all the Pyrenees wants is to be with her family making her the ideal dog for kids.

Like other big mountain breeds (such as the Bernese Mountain dog ) this giant white dog does better in cold climates. That’s not to say if you live in a warm country you can’t own one, but be aware that they will need lots of shade and air conditioning!

One would think that due to their size this breed is cumbersome.

Far from it.

Somehow the Great Pyrenees dog makes themselves adapt to every home environment – as long as they have had plenty of socialising and exercise, they are happy to lay at your feet and chill.

Remember, this is a shedding dog, so expect lots of hair (on the plus side, that means less brushing!).



Afghan Hound

Afghan Hound White Dog

Be prepared. This dog breed expects lots of maintenance!


Of all the white dog breeds listed in this post, the Afghan Hound is the one with the highest maintenance requirements.

Sorry darling, but it’s true.

Although the Afghan isn’t a big fluffy dog, (she is a white fluffy puppy but then her coat turns long and glossy after about one year of age) she is still white and still big!

If you are willing to spend hours grooming her (or paying someone else to do it), then you will love the Afghan.

With a face so dignified, and a personality that swings between regal and clownish, the Afghan Hound would undoubtedly bring lots of joy to the right owner.


Old English Sheepdog

White and Grey English Sheepdog

Don’t mention the paint company. And yes, I have a little grey but I’m still very fluffy!


Made famous by the paint company Dulux, the Old English Sheepdog isn’t entirely a white fur dog – more a grey and white, but still, very fluffy and very large!

But know that fluffy coat comes at a price.

The OES is a huge shedder and would not be a suitable choice of breed for those who are fussy about keeping things clean! Because of his tendency to drool, the sheepdog will always have a wet a stained ‘beard’.

On the plus side, this grey and white big dog is a loyal and playful dog (if not a little boisterous at times) and if he has had the exercise that he needs, will be happy to chill with the family.

Just please, when it comes to choosing a unique name for him, promise you won’t call him Dulux?!



White Retriever Dog

The perfect family dog.

The Golden Retriever is one of the world’s most popular white fluffy dogs and is the number 1 choice when it comes to a family dog.

Loyal, gentle and reliable, the retriever is one of the big white fluffy dog breeds that like nothing more than to swim and play. Something to remember though – if you live near water this breed will carry the smell of wet dog around on his coat for some time!

Regular baths and brushing will eliminate this as well as some natural remedies for getting rid of dog smells in the home.

Be prepared for lots of dog hair – this affectionate white fluffy dog breed is a shedder. (We can’t all be perfect!).



Schafer (Swiss Sheperd Dog)

White Schafer Shepherd Dog

Such a handsome face and makes for an excellent family dog.


Looks can be deceiving! This big white breed might look as though he would be fierce and brave, but he can best be described as sensitive and skittish.

The Schafer is beyond loyal to his family members and likes nothing more than to run and play.

But unfortunately, that beautiful long white coat comes at a price; he sheds throughout the year and would need regular brushing.



White Fluffy Dog Breeds



Chow Chow

Chow Chow Dog

The Chow Chow white dog.


Although this breed may look like a giant teddy bear, and let’s face it, she’s one of the cutest of the fluffy white dogs, the Chow Chow is far too independent and proud for cuddles on the sofa with any Tom, Dick or Harry.

She is fiercely loyal to the right owner but tends to be aloof – not dissimilar to the nature of a cat.

If you are looking for a playful, fun dog breed for the family, then the Chow Chow isn’t the breed for you.

If you are looking for a loyal, quiet and independent dog then yes, consider the Chow Chow.

Expect to give your Chow Chow a thorough brush three times a week. Brushing these fluffy white dogs will not only keep her looking smart and odour free but will help with bonding.

The Chow Chow only sheds twice a year, but when that happens, it happens in mass! Be prepared to be filling bags full of unwanted hair!



Japanese Spitz

White Spitz Dog



The Spitz breed may look posh and fancy with their perfectly pointy ears and their curly fluffy tail, but this small white fluffy dog is, in fact, the closest breed to wolves!

They are great with kids, easy to train and they love to play; but should a stranger enter the house this breed will not stop barking until she is happy that the family is safe.

The Spitz has a double-layered heavy coat that needs brushing regularly to avoid matting and to get rid of fleas that might take camp in the warmer months.




Lapphund white dog

The White Lapphund Dog


Originating from Lapphund, this big fluffy white dog was used to herd reindeer.

A long outer coat that is reasonably coarse covers a soft, thick undercoat.

He sheds his coat seasonally and moderately and would need regular brushing.

This white furry dog is easy to train – if you take the time and effort; (purchase one of these excellent dog training books) and the Lapphund will be the perfect student.

A gentle breed that is excellent with kids and other dogs – making him the perfect dog for a family. This breed needs plenty of exercise and playtime.




White Samoyed dog

Anyone order a big fluffy white dog?


Of all white dogs, the Samoyed has to be the ultimate big white fluffy dog.

Look at him! It doesn’t get fluffier (and whiter) than that!.

Males reach up to  21 to 23.5 inches and females stand at 19 to 21 inches tall. Both males and females weigh in between 50 to 60 pounds, and his white coat is as fluffy as it comes!

The Samoyed wears his heart on his sleeve with his sparkling eyes and friendly smile; this is a big white dog breed that is a real crowd-pleaser.

The Samoyed is one of the fluffy dogs that love to be around family. making him the perfect family pet. He not only loves kids but he enjoys socialising with other dogs.

The only downside to this fluffy white dog is that when he sheds (which is roughly twice a year) he SHEDS! Be prepared and buy the best dog brush that money can buy and be extra vigilant in the summer months when fleas plague dogs.


 Cotton Tulear

Cotton Tulear dog

I am as fluffy and as cuddly as I look.


The Cotton Tulear is an excellent all-round choice of a white dog. They are loyal, friendly and make for the perfect companion.

The big shaggy matt of white fur that covers the body of the Cotton Tulear is easier to care for than it looks.

This is a white longhaired dog that doesn’t shed (yay!)  so a good brush twice a week is all it takes to keep these big white fluffy dogs looking their best.

The Cotton Tulear generally has good health, but this breed is prone to arthritis in older age. Help ward this off by keeping her fit and adding extra oil-rich foods to her diet. Making homemade dog treats which include a pinch of turmeric will also benefit your Tulear.

This fluffy white dog loves to play but doesn’t need as much exercise as other bigger dog breeds, making her the ideal dog for apartment living.


American Eskimo

American Eskimo Dog

The smiley face of this big white beauty!


Originating from Germany, the American Eskimo is a member of the Spitz breed. The ‘Eskie’ as he is affectionately known, is a friendly, intelligent and vocal dog!

Said to be one of the worlds most intelligent dog breeds the Eskie would be perfect for an experienced dog owner who is willing to invest the time and energy into training and socialising him.

A word of warning around training though, let the Eskie know who is boss from the start otherwise you could run into some training problems.

This breed does not like to be left alone for too long; because of her contemplative nature, she becomes bored quickly when being left without attention can lead to excessive barking and chewing.

Eskies are prone to arthritis in older age; keep her active with lot’s of play and walks, consider turmeric which is an anti-inflammatory (always speak to your vet first) and make sure that her diet contains oil-rich ingredients.

That beautiful white coat is easier to keep clean than you’d imagine. The Eskies coat contains oil and because of this dirt tends to slide off the fur easily when brushed. Be warned though; this breed is a big shedder! Invest in the best dog brush, and you will be good to go.


Siberian Husky

Siberian Husky

The fluffiest of fluffy white dog breeds.


The Siberian Husky is one of the white dog breeds that are most likely to have blue eyes, making them even more stunning than they already are.

Huskies are incredibly affectionate and make the perfect family dog. However, they do love to escape and dig. They wouldn’t be suited to an apartment and would require a fence to keep them contained.

Huskies shed twice a year. Put it in your diary; there will be a mass of hair for you to deal with!

Huskies are quite stubborn when it comes to training, meaning that this white dog breed probably wouldn’t be suited to first-time dog owners.



Small White Dog Breeds




White Chihuahua

I may look like a small dog, but inside I am a giant!


Don’t be deceived by the world’s smallest dog; the Chihuahua might not be a huge fluffy dog BUT he is one of the most recommended dogs for guarding your house.

He may be small, but these small white dogs have huge personalities!

The Chihuahuas ears are prone to building up wax and becoming dry and irritated on the outside. Amongst other things, we have found that using olive oil on dogs ears works a treat.

The Chihuahua is more suited as a companion rather than a family dog; her size can make her vulnerable around small children. This little breed can live to be up to 18 years old; she is a low maintenance dog with a nonshedding coat.

You will want to invest in a gorgeous dog sweater or coat for your Chihuaah; they tend to shiver if the temperature drops or they get excited!




Pomeranian Dog

The Pomeranian


The Pomeranian is a small dog with a tremendous attitude. This little white breed (comes in other colours too) can often forget his size and will think nothing of barking at bigger dogs if he feels the need.

Although they are affectionate, they are not recommended for families with small kids due to their size.

The Pomeranian breed is relatively stubborn and so aren’t the easiest dogs to train – especially when it comes to toilet training. Let her know who is the boss from the start to avoid dog training mistakes.

Crate training would be perfect for this breed as would using a dog door for independence


 West Highland Terrier

White Highland Terrier Dog

The cheeky Westie!


The cheeky little Terrier has got a personality big enough to match ten other dogs! With a sharp bark, this breed makes for the perfect guard dog.

The Westie is a quick learner that will respond well to well-researched dog training. His coat is easy to keep clean and because shedding is relatively low, will only require a brush once a week to keep him looking dapper.

The Terrier is an independent and intelligent dog who can easily be trained to use a dog door to provide ease for both dog and owner!

After he is done guarding, protecting and being nosy, these small white dogs like nothing more than to snuggle up on your knee and look out of the window!




White Maltese Dog

A smooth, silky white coat that is easy to maintain.


Probably one of the most common of the small white dog breed, the Maltese is known for it’s straight, silky soft white fur that does not shed.

A very affectionate dog, so much so that she will bark excessively if she doesn’t get the attention she deserves!

A great friend and companion but not one of the better choices for a family dog — this breed likes all of the attention to herself!



Bolonka Zwetna

Bolonka Zwetna

Yes. I know. I’m cute.


A rare toy breed of the Bichon type, the Bolonka Zwetna originates from Russia.

This white furry dog breed does not shed but will need regular trips to the hairdresser to keep her coat in the way she likes it. This dog breed is ideally suited to apartment living and makes a super companion.




White Bichon Dog

The Bichon


You would be forgiven for thinking that this little white dog breed is a child’s toy.

With her perfect white coat and black eyes and nose, this breed makes for a super family dog.

The Bischon is cheerful and playful but is known to suffer from anxiety separation. The way to combat this is to gently crate train her and keep her within sight at all times.

Because of their small and cute appearance, it is not uncommon for owners to be overprotective of their Bichon a creating a dog that is both fussy and spoiled. It is therefore essential to socialise the puppy Bichon from an early age and get her used to sharing your attention!

Shedding is minimal. The Bichon makes for the perfect apartment dog as long as she has regular walks.



Medium White Dog Breeds



White American Pitbull

White American Pitbull Terrier Dog

How cute?


The poor American Pitbull gets a lot of bad press from people who haven’t bothered to do their homework. I won’t go into it in this post; you can read more about this breed here.

While the American Pitbull is gentle and loyal toward their family, they do have a reputation for being aggressive around other dogs. This can be easily controlled with a good leash and early puppy socialisation.

The Pitbull does tend to suffer from more skin problems than other breeds; again this can be easily controlled by adding natural supplements such as turmeric and olive oil to their diet and by keeping them checked regularly.



Wheaten Terrier

Wheaten Terrier Dog

The Wheaten Terrier is an excellent choice of a white dog.


The Wheaten terrier has a personality of all of his own. He is playful and loyal but can sometimes forget who is boss if he hasn’t been adequately trained!

He is happy to live in an apartment as long as he receives the daily exercise that he needs.

Because of his love for absolutely everyone, the Wheaten Terrier is not the best guard dog (more likely to lick them to death!)

His coat is long and shaggy rather than fluffy and although it does not continuously shed unless kept regularly brushed will attract bits of sticks, dirt and snow!



White Poodle

The Poodle. A popular large white dog breed.


The Poodle is currently the seventh most popular dog breed in America, and rightly so.

Regarded as one of the most intelligent dogs in the world, these big fluffy dogs are easy to train and make the perfect family dog. They are playful, intelligent and, when adequately trained, make the ideal companion.

The Poodle does tend to have weepy eyes which can stain the white coat, to combat this we recommend that you  gently wipe your poodles face daily with these excellent dog eye cleaning hypoallergenic wipes  (and call her princess – she’ll like that!)



White Bulldog

White bulldog breed of dog

The Bulldog can be found in white.


This squashy faced beauty is a loyal and affectionate dog and makes for an excellent choice for a family.

Exercise levels are low to moderate, but they do require lots of company so should not be left alone for too long.

A silky-soft coat that does not shed – the only downside to this breed os they tend to snore and are prone to flatulence. But with a face like that though, we’ll let them off.

The Bulldog is prone to obesity, so be vigilant with what you feed him. Putting healthy habits into place from an early age such as feeding your dog asparagus and other low-fat foods rather than offering him sweet biscuits will have a positive effect on him and will help avoid problems further down the road such as diabetes or heart disease.



White Labradoodle dog

Labrador and a Poodle. No wonder this breed of dog is so popular!


The Labradoodle is a cross between a labrador, and you guessed it, a poodle!

Excellent with kids and strangers, this easy-going breed is simple to maintain with a coat that doesn’t shed excessively.

Friendly and goofy, the Labradoodle requires lots of exercise and plenty of fun.


 And Last But Certainly Not Least…


White Hybrid!

White Hybrid Dog

You don’t have to have a posh name to be white.


Although not all white dogs are equal, let us not forget the little Hybrid dog, otherwise known as the bitza!

Of course, the beauty with buying a white hybrid (hybrid meaning the offspring of two different kinds of dog) is that they rarely have as many health problems as pure breed dogs and are just as beautiful.

Please don’t rule out the hybrid dog when considering the white dog breeds available 🙂 


FAQ About White Dogs Breeds


Q: What’s the most common breed of big white dogs?

A: Probably the Samoyed. This is the image that most people see when they search for a big white fluffy dog!

Q: Are white big dog breeds are more prone to skin problems?
A: There is no evidence to show that dogs with white coats are more prone to skin problems than dogs with darker coats.

Q: Are white dogs hard to keep clean?

A: No more so than a dog with a darker coat but dog breeds with white fluffy coats will show the dirt much quicker than black dogs!


Q: Can white dogs get sunburned?

A: White dog breeds produce less pigmentation than darker coat dogs, and this can be a problem in the sun, especially for those white dog breeds with skinny coats such as the Chuwowa or the Pitbull.

Make sure you keep white dogs out of the sun if possible and make sure that you apply a high factor sunscreen to the more exposed areas of your dog such as around the nose, eyes and feet.


Q: Which white dog breeds have blue eyes?

A: The White Siberian Husky is the most common of white dogs with blue eyes.


Q: What’s the worlds biggest white dog?

A: The Great Pyrenees is the worlds largest white fluffy dog breed unless you count the Great Dane who can also be white (but never fluffy!)


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