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If someone had told me when I bought my dog that for two months a year my house would resemble the inside of a sheep pen I may have investigated the option of looking for big dogs that don’t shed.

 But I didn’t so hey ho…cleaning it is.

I’m not a small dog person.

Ten years ago I bought a Mastiff cross Labrador. Then she was small and cute. Now, she is big and Although she is (very) gorgeous; my goodness…I am constantly cleaning up dog hair, getting rid of fleas and trying my best to be rid of the smell of wet dog from my home. 


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puppy dog

“I heard that.” My big dog ‘Maggie’ who didn’t tell me that twice a year she would shed every piece of hair that she owned. Usually all over my trousers.



12 Big Dogs That Don’t Shed


It is impossible for a dog never to shed; all dogs shed at some time in the year, it’s just that some dogs shed more than others.

Lots more than others.

So, if for whatever reason you can’t stand the thought of brushing down your trousers before you leave for work every day or vacuuming the sofa covers before you dare sit down, then this list of low shedding dogs will be perfect for you!



1: Viszla


Viszla Dogs

The Vizsla


The Vizsla who originated from Hungary is a fine-looking dog with a silky short hair coat that leaves very little mess.

The Viszla craves love and attention and loves nothing more than being around her family; making her the perfect dog breed for kids.



2: Barbet


Barbet Dog Breed That Doesn't shed

The Barbet breed is a BIG dog with very little shedding.



Originating from France, this big woolly like a bear dog is a sports fanatic who loves nothing more than to goof around – preferably in the water.

To prove her love for the water one of the Barbets special features is her webbed feet.

The Barbet is one of the BIG dogs that don’t shed but be warned!

When that big mop of fur gets wet it smells so if the pong of wet dog is something you don’t like then be prepared to invest in a deep tub! 

Also to note that it is more difficult to get rid of fleas in dogs with long fur as they are quite hard to brush out.

In saying that, this gorgeous, gentle giant is fun to be around and makes a fabulous family dog.



3: Bouvier


Bouvier Dog. A long coat that doesn't shed as much as others

Bouvier Breed


The Bouvier was originally bred to be a farm dog who helped with the herding of cattle.

If ever there was a versatile breed then the Bouvier is it.

She makes the perfect guard dog, works hard on the farm and with the proper training is an excellent choice for both a service and assistance dog.

Not only that, but the Bouvier makes the perfect family companion AND he is a dog that tends not to shed.



4: Afghan Hound


Afghan Hound. A dog breed that doesn't shed a s much as others

Afghan Hound. Beautiful AND doesn’t shed (how perfect is that?!)


I don’t want to tell you that the Afghan dog breed is low maintenance because that is not true.

The long silky coat that covers the entire body of the Afghan dog is like human hair; it is constantly growing and therefore requires regular trips to the groomers.


The Afghan is one of the big dogs that don’t shed much so that’s why she made it into this list.

Because of their droopy ears, Afghans tend to suffer from ear infections. Olive oil is good for dogs ears and is a good deal cheaper than expensive treatments.

Those who are willing to invest the time and effort into this elegant breed agree that the rewards far outweigh the negatives.



5: Black Russian Terrier


Black Russian Terrier

Black Russian Terrier


This dog breed is still quite unknown and is considered quite rare. What we do know is that they only ever come in the colour black – so for those of you in love with white dog breeds, this is not the dog for you!

The Blackie as they are affectionately known, excel in obedience competitions and are working dogs that make excellent guard dogs for any family home or business.

Other than giving the Black Russian Terrier a good brush every week you will find this low shedding dog relatively easy to upkeep.



6: Goldendoodle


Goldendoodle Dpg

The Goldendoodle. For such a big dog she sheds very little!


A cross between a Poodle and a Golden Retriever, this large dog has (luckily!) inherited the Poodle’s shedding tendency; meaning that when she loses her coat it goes unnoticed.

She will need to be brushed regularly to keep bits of dirt and debris from collecting on her.

A friendly intelligent dog that enjoys daily walks and playtime; the Goldenpoodle makes a lovely family dog.



7: Komondor


Komondor Dog

Komondor. One of the bigger dogs that don’t shed as much


The Komondor’s coat is about as unique as a dog gets!

As a puppy, the Komondor is graced with super soft curls that develop into cords as he becomes older. These cords are uncannily similar to a kitchen mop (don’t tell him I said that).

The Komondor dog does not shed as such, rather he might occasionally lose one of his cords. This isn’t to say that they are low maintenance dogs – time and effort must be spent in keeping the cords clean, dry and dirt free if you are to keep the coat looking beautiful.

Komondors are prone to bloat so be sure to keep an eye on his weight.

If you would like to give him occasional treats and rewards, it would be best to feed your Komndor healthy human foods that dogs can eat rather than preservative-laden treats – even better why not check out our post on cost-effective and healthy dog treat recipes



8: Wirehaired Pointing Griffin


Wirehaired Pointing Griffon

Wirehaired Pointing Griffon


The Wirehaired Pointing Griffin with his messy shabby chic appearance is not the smoothest coat to look at, but it is one that does not shed all the same!

The  Griffin breed is a hunting dog and loves nothing more than to be outside; preferably retrieving things from fields or from the water for his master!


9: Saluki


saluki dog that does not shed much



If ever there was a price for the most elegant dog than the Saluki would win hands down.

But.  Nobody is perfect – not even the beautiful Saluki.

He is a difficult dog to train and he likes to run — very fast!  So it is advisable to never let him off his lead unless you can see him at all times.

On the plus side; the lovely Saluki  does not shed (or maybe she does and the stray hair probably flys off while he is running away from you!)


10: Standard Poodle


Standard poodle. A big dog breed that does not shed

Standard Poodle.


One of the popular large white dog breeds that are often dressed up in ribbons and fancy hairdo’s,  the Poodle is considered to be one of the most intelligent dog breeds in the world –  making her very easy to train.

Know that in order to keep her attention she will need more than simple basic training exercises; the more the poodle is challenged the happier she is!

A low shedding coat makes her easy to manage.



11: Giant Schnauzer


Giant Schnauzer

Giant Schnauzer. One of the bigger dog breeds that do not shed



Giant Schnauzers are one of the more dominant breeds and their owners will boldly claim that this sturdy dog is the best non-shedding guard dog there is.

They certainly will let it be known when they are not happy.

Be sure to give the Schnauzers the exercise requirements s that they need; the worst thing you can do to this breed is let them get bored. Your furniture will regret it!

Giant Schnauzers are prone to arthritis. Speak to your vet and ask about introducing natural supplements such as turmeric and olive oil into your dog’s diet.




12: Airdale Terrier


Airedale Terrier. A big dog with a non shedding coat

The Airedale Terrier


The Airedale Terrier is an intelligent and confident dog who will benefit from early socialisation and training.

The Airedale sheds at certain times a year but because the coat is coarse the effect isn’t as noticeable as other big dogs that shed copious amounts of ‘fluff’.

Be sure to provide this dog with plenty of exercise and challenges but be aware that as a hunter, the Airedale tends to chase small animals that he perceives as prey.



Big Dogs That Shed The Most (2 of the worst!)


German Shepherd


German Shepherd. Dogs that shed

The German Shepherd sheds for a pastime.


Anyone who has ever owned one of these beautiful dogs will know that you spend your life amongst piles of long hair.

Beautiful temperament; sheds for a pastime


Golden Retriever


Retriever dog.

The Retriever who sheds. And I mean sheds.


Probably one of the most fabulous family dogs. The Retriever is loyal, gentle and fun. But boy does he shed. And not only that; he loves the water so all that unwanted hair smells wet.

Just saying!


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Final Thoughts On Big Dogs That Don’t Shed


If you are st the stage of choosing the right dog for your lifestyle then try and take every factor into consideration, and a dog that sheds poses a real problem then we hope that this list has helped you.

Very much like kids, once you have your dog you will adapt. Whether she sheds or not!

There are so many choices that you have if you have your heart set on a big dog but the thought of masses of dog hair makes you shiver; all of them gorgeous in their own way.

If you know someone who is looking for a selection of big dogs that don’t shed then please share this post. And we would love it if you could comment below and let us know if you have a big (or small) dog that is easy to care for in the coat department!