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We’ve all done it. Finished our dinner leaving a few scraps of vegetables on the plate, only to look down to see those big eyes looking at you and imploring you to scrape those delicious looking asparagus stalks into his dog dish. But Can Dogs eat asparagus?

Or, is asparagus dangerous for your dog?

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dog sitting in a field of asparagus



Can Dog’s Eat Asparagus? Yes Or No?


Yes and no.


Giving asparagus to your dog isn’t as easy as simple as you think. There are a few dangers to consider before you go throwing a few spears of the green goddess into her food dish.

First, let’s look at the Yes.

Why Asparagus IS good for your dog.


Yes. Why Asparagus Is Good For Dogs


Asparagus is packed with healthy nutrients. That’s why parents make their kids eat it.

And what dog owner doesn’t want their dog to be healthy?  It has been proved that along with regular walks and a balanced diet dogs live longer happier lives.

Here are some of the reason why your dog will thank you for feeding him asparagus.


Dog running along looking happy


Health Benefits Of Asparagus For Dogs


All of the vitamins and minerals that I have listed below are to be found in the expensive dog supplements that dog owners buy every month over the counter for their dogs.

If your dog is part of a large family and as a result, your budget is tight, why not consider buying asparagus in season (when it is cheap) and feeding it to your dog.

Asparagus contains the following nutrients which are hugely beneficial to your dog and are a good deal cheaper than supplements!


  • FOLATE – Protects against intestinal problems



  • VITAMIN C  –  Protects against hip dysplasia and dog arthritis.



  • VITAMIN K – Prevents Vitamin k deficiency. Helps with the immune system



  • BETA- CAROTENE – Powerful antioxidant, helping to prevent disease and infection


  • VITAMIN E – Helps keeps dogs muscles strong and aids with the circulatory system


  • ZINC – Important for helping in the immune system and thyroid function


  • MANGANESE –  Aids against glucose tolerance, which can lead to diabetes in dogs


  • SELENIUM –  Necessary for the normal functioning of the immune system and the thyroid gland


  • CHROMIUM – Improves insulin sensitivity


  • ASPARAGINE – Aids the development and function of the brain.



plate of asparagus

feeding your dog asparagus has lots of health benefits



No. Why Asparagus (can be) Bad For Dogs



Choking Hazard


Would you eat a plate full of raw asparagus?

Probably not.

Raw asparagus is tough and chewy, and unless it is cut up into little pieces can be hard to get down your throat.

The general advice is to not feed raw asparagus to your dog for fear of choking.

If you do insist on feeding raw asparagus to your dog, then please cut it into little pieces. Be especially vigilant around young puppies who tend to gobble anything in site!


Smelly Pee


Asparagus contains a non-harmful acid called asparagusic. When this compound breaks down, sulfur is released and in turn, results in your dog (and human) having unusual smelling urine and quite smelly gas.

Because dogs have such sensitive noses, the smell of his pee after eating asparagus may arouse his suspicion somewhat!

If your dog starts urinating in unusual spots after eating asparagus, this is why.

If you are still in the throes of training your dog then perhaps put off feeding him asparagus until he is settled and house trained (or will use a dog door to go outside and do his business!)


The Toxic Part Of Asparagus


Know that the asparagus fern is (which the inedible part of the asparagus) is toxic for dogs.

Unless you grow asparagus in your garden (in which case it should be fenced off and kept away from dogs), you are not likely to come across the asparagus fern.

Although not life-threatening, the symptoms of eating the asparagus fern can cause discomfort to your dog. Symptoms might include:


  • abnormal pain
  • diarrhoea
  • loss of appetite
  • vomiting
  • blistering
  • redness
  • swelling


If you suspect your dog has eaten asparagus fern and is showing signs of any of the above symptoms then take him to the vet immediately.



little puppy dog



Can Dogs Eat Raw Asparagus?


As we mentioned earlier, although you can give raw asparagus to your dog, it is more beneficial and safer to cook the stalks beforehand. This way you eliminate any chance of choking and your poor dog doesn’t have to chew her way through a woody stem.



How To Prepare Asparagus For Your Dog


  • Once cooked, vegetables lose some of their nutrients so we suggest steaming or microwaving a few pieces of asparagus for no more than two minutes.


  • The asparagus should be slightly firm when you cut into it but not so hard that your dog could choke.


  • Chop the cooked asparagus into bite-size pieces and feed as a tasty snack or as an accompaniment to your dog’s everyday meal.




Woman holding a bunch of asparagus




Alternatives To Asparagus For Dogs


Some dogs love veggies and others sniff them and walk away.

Not dissimilar to humans. Or kids.

If your dog isn’t a huge vegetable lover, then there are a couple of ways to give him the same vitamins and minerals that are commonly found in asparagus.


  • Feeding olives to your dog will give your dog the selenium found in asparagus that will provide him with a beautiful shiny coat and healthy skin. If your dog turns his nose up to eating whole olives, then why not try pouring olive oil onto your dog’s meal. Super beneficial!


  • The antioxidants that are found in vegetables such as asparagus are also found in the spice turmeric. Feeding your dog turmeric, either by sprinkling onto her food or in a paste formula will boost her immune system with powerful antioxidants.



Dog licking his lips


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In Conclusion, Can Dogs Eat Asparagus?


If you would like to feed asparagus to your dog, then please do so – he will thank you for it now and again!

Just be sure to keep the raw asparagus cut up into little pieces, but preferably steam the asparagus for your dog gently before letting him consume it.

Cooking this vegetable only takes a few extra minutes but will be more pleasurable to your dogs taste buds and his teeth!

I hope this answered your question, can dogs eat asparagus. I would love it if you could drop a comment below and let me know how your dog takes to this superfood and remember!  If you enjoyed this post then could I PLEASE ask you to share it with another dog lover who is also wanting to feed asparagus to their dog – they will thank you for it!