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FitBark 2

So what is FitBark? It’s a small, colorful device that you attach to your dog’s collar. It monitors activity levels, quality of sleep, distance traveled, calories burned, and overall health and behavior 24/7.

The FitBark 2 was developed with the collaboration of 45+ veterinary schools and research institutions that have been using our platform in clinical settings to address mobility issues, skin diseases, nutrition, cognition, vision and a wide variety of medical conditions.

FitBarks friends at the Mayo Clinic also think of human and pet health as one. Learn about how they used the FitBark in a series of One Health studies to assess whether dogs disrupt human sleep. (Spoiler alert: For the most part, they don’t!)

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No Bark E Collar

Looking for the best bark collar solution for your dog’s needs? Look no further.

With practical and safe dog bark control options like the BP-504 Barkless Pro, you can experience a quiet home life with your obedient canine.  

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