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No Bark E Collar

Looking for the best bark collar solution for your dog’s needs? Look no further.

With practical and safe dog bark control options like the BP-504 Barkless Pro, you can experience a quiet home life with your obedient canine.  



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10 Dog Breeds That are Perfect For Kids

There are not many families with small kids who don't hear that familiar question about ten times a day: "Can we get a dog?". Dogs bring many benefits to children, they teach responsibility, compassion and let's face it; they will be your child's best friend!  But,...

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5 Of The Best Dog friendly cafes in Wellington

We have previously talked about the best dog friendly cafes in Auckland and thought it was only fair to do the same for those of you visiting the capital city of Wellington. Whether you live in this gorgeous city or are simply taking a holiday with your dog, this post...

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How to Socialise Your Puppy

Today is the day! You have done your homework, chosen the best breed for your family, and no, you finally get to pick up the new puppy that you have waited so long for! As a dog owner you will want the best for your puppy and helping her to socialise is the first step...

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Diabetes in Dogs. How To Cope

When you buy a dog, the thought of any illnesses further down the line is something that most of us don't anticipate. To discover that our pooch has a disease can be heartbreaking and traumatic. But fear not, the effects of diabetes in dogs are very similar to those...

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3 Of The Best Dog Friendly Cafes in Auckland

There is nothing nicer than being able to take your pooch along for a quiet cappuccino in the morning, and luckily, the Auckland cafe scene is quickly adapting to allowing dogs to come along too. It used to be that if you wanted to take your dog along for coffee and a...

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Is Olive Oil Good For Dogs Ears? You Bet It Is!

Do you know how we all look at Mediterranean women and wonder why their hair and skin are so beautiful? Their secret is Olive oil! But can we use Olive oil on our dogs? Is it ok to use olive oil in a dog's ears or on a dog's itchy skin? Will Olive oil make for a...

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10 Important Factors To Consider BEFORE You Buy A Dog

Deciding to buy a dog is probably one of the most exciting and important decisions you will make in your life. You must first choose the perfect breed for your lifestyle and then research everything you can about that choice of dog. I remember when we decided to buy...

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