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Dog Products

  • Sale! Boxed Wireless Electric Dog Fence System With Collar and Flags

    Stay & Play™ Wireless Electric Dog Fence

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  • Sale!

    Stay & Play™ Wireless Fence Additional Dog Receiver Collar

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  • Sale! Husky drinking from the Drinkwell Avalon Ceramic Pet Fountain - 2 Litres

    Drinkwell® Avalon Ceramic Pet Fountain – 2 Litres

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  • Ezydog backpack for a dog

    Summit Dog Backpacks by EzyDog™

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  • Sale! Stainless Steel Drinkwell 360 degree drinking fountain with carbon filters

    Drinkwell® 360 Multi-Pet Stainless Steel Fountain

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  • This is a 2 Way Large Dog Door

    Staywell® Original 2 Way Large Dog Door

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  • This is a 2 Way Large Dog Door

    Staywell® Original 2 Way Medium Dog Door

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  • Yellow Ezydog Life vest

    Dog Floatation Vest – Jacket in Yellow (All Sizes)

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  • Red Ezydog Life vest

    Dog Floatation Vest – Jacket in Red (All Sizes)

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  • Travel Drive Beach Dog Bowls for Food

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  • Red EzyDog Rashie high viz vest with 50+ UV sun protection

    EzyDog Rashie Vest in Red (All Sizes) UV Rating 50+

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  • New 2 Litre water bowl for dogs front view

    Travel – Drive – Beach – Dog Bowls for Water

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Doggy Denz – Indoor Dog Kennels

Exclusive to Dog Sense NZ - Doggy Denz

These beautifully Hand Crafted indoor Dog Kennels are perfect for any home Click Here to view the full range

 Dog Beds

  • Dog Beds New Zealand, Dog Mattress New Zealand Green

    Adventure Mattress – Green

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  • Dog Beds New Zealand, Dog Mattress New Zealand Red

    Adventure Mattress – Red

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  • Brown Paddington Bear Hat Style Dog Bed 60 x 75cm

    BecoBed Paddington in Brown

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  • Dog Bed Daydreamer in Grey

    Snoozzy Daydreamer Super Comfy Dog Bed

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 Dog Crates

  • Sale! Precision Pet Dog Crate Courtyard Play Pen

    Dog Cage Courtyard Play Pen

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  • Sale! Great Crate Dog Crates by Precision Pets Products

    Great Crate Dog Crates by Precision Pets Medium to XXLarge

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  • Great Crate Dog Crates by Precision Pets Small

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  • Sale!

    Provalu Dog Crates by Precision Pets Medium to XXLarge

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 FitBark 2

  • Sale! FitBark 2. Monitors your dog everyday activity and sleep patterns leading to better health


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  • Sale! FitBark 2 Fuchsia

    FitBark 2 Cover, Bossy Diva Fuchsia

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  • Sale! FitBark 2 Orange

    FitBark 2 Cover, Bundle of Energy Orange

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  • Sale! FitBark 2 Aqua Cover

    FitBark 2 Cover, FitBarker Blue Aqua

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FitBark Products


FitBark 2

So what is FitBark? It’s a small, colorful device that you attach to your dog’s collar. It monitors activity levels, quality of sleep, distance traveled, calories burned, and overall health and behavior 24/7.

The FitBark 2 was developed with the collaboration of 45+ veterinary schools and research institutions that have been using our platform in clinical settings to address mobility issues, skin diseases, nutrition, cognition, vision and a wide variety of medical conditions.

FitBarks friends at the Mayo Clinic also think of human and pet health as one. Learn about how they used the FitBark in a series of One Health studies to assess whether dogs disrupt human sleep. (Spoiler alert: For the most part, they don’t!)

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Two (Brilliant) Indoor Dog Potty Options For 2022

I doubt it was something you thought about was it? An indoor dog potty for your pooch. When you first buy a dog there are lots of other (and much more fun) things to think about, like looking through adorable dog names or learning how to socialise your...

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Long Lasting Dog Chews To Keep Pup Happy

Why do you need a long-lasting dog chew? Because dog's like to chew and sometimes what they choose to chew and what you'd prefer them to chew don't always match up.  So. To save your furniture (and your sanity) let us guide you in the direction of the best...

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Girl Dog Names That Will Stand The Test of Time

o you've made the decision. Hurray! You're buying a girl puppy and you're eager to research all the girl dog names that are available for you. But wait. Before you buy a dog there are things you need to know. Things that often get overlooked amidst...

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Crate Training a Puppy (The Do’s & Don’ts)

Crate training a puppy isn't as difficult as you first think. As with any kind of dog-training, the process requires patience, time, and then a little more patience. But it's worth it. By crate training your pup you will not only provide your pet with this...

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21 (Super Easy) Ways To Mentally Stimulate Your Dog

If dogs could talk they'd say 'I'm bored' a couple of times a day. But they can't. So instead they chew the furniture and misbehave and make us pet parents cross. That's why mental stimulation for dogs is essential. Keeping a dog's brain stimulated is one of the...

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