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It is surprising how many pet parents overlook the importance of providing a comfortable dog bed for their pooch. Perhaps it is something that is forgotten in the excitement of getting your new puppy (or adopting an older dog) the training, the socialisation.

There is so much to think about.

No wonder then, that some new dog owners either provide their dog with a folded up blanket on the floor to sleep on or invite their puppy to sleep in their bed with them each night.

Both options are perfectly fine short term,  but here are four reasons why your best friend needs her very own dog bed.


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4 Reasons Why Your Dog Needs a Bed And Not a Blanket


1: Comfort

We will start with an obvious reason. Comfort! I am very aware of hardcore dog owners who say a rolled up quilt or blanket on the floor is sufficed, but, sorry. No!

Think about it.

If I were to tell you that I was taking away your mattress for the rest of the year and replacing it with a rug on the floor, how would you feel? Very stiff and sore I would expect – especially if, like me, you need a soft space for your aching back!

Dogs are no different. They need their bodies to be relaxed and comfortable. If a dog is comfortable, he is happy.

Using a tracker such as the FitBark 2 to track your dog’s sleep pattern you will see the difference when your dog has had a good nights sleep in his cosy bed. No doubt he will wake up the next morning a calmer and happier boy.


Dog beds for comfort

At the very least, your dog will be comfortable on his bed!


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Dog Beds. Why your dog will be happier with his own bed



2: Having a Place of Their Own Eliminates Health Issues.

Lack of sleep, as anyone knows, can lead to other problems. Anxiety in dogs is often related to dogs who are unable to find a space to have some quiet time and recharge their batteries.

Aggressive behaviour can be eliminated early on by providing your pooch with a safe and comfortable bed in which he can relax in. Why do you think so many parents say to their naughty children ‘go to your room’?! Because this is where they feel safe and comfortable and can calm down. No different for our dogs.

If your dog is suffering from any kind of illness, even a minor ailment such as sore ears, a dog bed will be where he goes to recharge. We all know the importance of a good nights sleep for our health and your pooch is the same.

Although Insomnia in dogs is rare, it can be caused by some reasons. Painful physical health issues such as doggy arthritis, the need to urinate frequently (usually a sign that your dog may have diabetes), the fact that your dog is restless due to not having enough exercise in the day; these are all contributing factors to your dog not having a good nights sleep.

All of these symptoms can be soothed by making your dog as comfortable as possible by giving him a bed of his own.


Dog beds for dogs in need of recuperation

Having a place where he can recoup if he has been ill is all your dog needs to feel better about the world.



3: Having a Dog Bed Saves on Furniture!

Until you train them not to, dogs will curl up anywhere that is quiet and comfortable. Including your new leather sofa! If you have a small toy poodle, then this may not be of any concern to you, but anything bigger than that breed and you are going to be facing some expensive bills.

Dogs are not careful how they jump up and down onto pieces of furniture, so bear in mind that although that new dog bed might seem like a large investment now, compared to the cost of recovering those new arm chairs, it is a fraction of the price!


Dog beds

The cost of a dog bed is a fraction less than paying to recover that new sofa!



4: Every Dog Needs A Place of His Own.


We all have it. Our favourite chair, our side of the bed, a bench in the garden. A place of our own where we go to relax.

Dogs need this too. Providing your pooch with her very own dog bed will give her security, comfort and joy. Dogs need over 10 hours of sleep a day. Don’t make her share a blanket with the cat or tell her to sleep under the table, give her her own place. By doing so, you will be rewarded with a happy, rested, comforted and calm dog that will love you for life.



Dog beds and why dogs need them

Every dog needs a place they can call their own!


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If you are on this website it is because you know that owning a dog requires nothing more than lots of love and affection and plenty of common sense.


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Buying a dog bed may seem extravagant to you, perhaps you feel as though you are pampering your pooch too much, but no. You are doing what is best for your dog. Providing a soft warm and comfortable bed for your best friend is your way of telling him that he is special and that you will care for him for life.  Watch how he sighs when he curls up into his bed after a long walk at the park.  That in itself is rewarding enough!