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I have a confession.

I am slightly obsessed and controlling pooch parent when it comes to my dogs well being and care.

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From the very first day we brought our new puppy home I would drive the kids mad by going over the top with the dog care, constantly feeling our little girl’s nose to see if it was wet and cold enough, checking her ears for signs of irritation and generally being a bit of a New Zealand helicopter pet mum.


And then I found the perfect thing for my obsession. The Fit Bark 2.




FitBark 2. Monitors your dog everyday activity and sleep patterns leading to better health


What is The Fit Bark 2 And What Can It Do For My Dogs Health


Here’s how the experts describe it:

Fit Bark 2 monitors your dogs everyday activity and sleep and turns that data into deep, actionable health insights.


Here’s how I describe it:

The Fit Bark 2 is a tiny tracker in the shape of a cute bone. This device fits easily onto your dog’s collar (by use of special zip ties provided)  no matter what size or breed of dog.

By using Bluetooth to communicate back to an app on your smart device this tiny gadget then monitors your dog’s daily activity, how much he moves, the energy that he burns, even how he sleeps.

It’s brilliant I tell you.


Fit bark 2 call to action button



Dog Care Perfection. Everything You Need To Know To Keep Your Dog Healthy


Fitbark New Zealand gives you unprecedented insight into your pooches health and behaviour. Everything and I mean everything you need to know about your dog’s health is to be found by using this genius little collar attachment.

What they do, how much they do of it, whether they get up in the night to use the dog door – everything.



For Pinterest!


Dog health tips. If you want to know how to keep your dog healthy


Battery Life

The Fitbark 2 battery life lasts up to 6 months. The batteries are easy to recharge, you don’t have to take the collar off.


For Those Colourful Dogs!

The Fitbark 2 comes in black but for a few extra dollars, you can buy a range of brightly coloured overs to match how your dog is feeling that day! Think of it as a designer health collar!


FitBark 2 Pink. Colourful cober for your bright dog care!

FitBark 2 Cover Romantic Snuggler Pink



How do I Receive All Of This Information?


When you first set the App up (which is incredibly easy) you will put in some basic information about your dog. His age, weight, breed etc.

Your dog’s info is then used to compare to other dogs of the same breed and age.

Everything your dog does is then monitored and turned into data providing us, the dog owners, with lots of pretty charts and graphs. Perfect for pet care obsessed dog parents like me.

You can download the Fitbark App from the Appstore absolutely free. It is very, very easy to use.

The Fit bark 2 will automatically store all of your dog’s activity and sleep information 24/7 until it finds an authorized smartphone to sync with. Once you are in wifi the information that you need is at your fingertips.


Fitbark 2 dog care sends information about your dogs activity straight to your smart phone or table



How Can Fitbark 2 Improve my Dogs Health?


Dog Walking


Every dog owner knows the health benefits of regular dog walking, but there are times when, especially if you have had a busy day, you may choose to give a long dog walk a miss. ‘I’ll take her for an extra walk tomorrow’, you tell yourself.

The trouble with this attitude is that if not checked, it can turn into an unhealthy habit leading to dog obesity and behavioural problems.

The Fitbark doesn’t let this happen! Think of it as Jiminy Cricket sitting on your shoulder.

If your dog has not reached her daily exercise requirement throughout the day, you will start to hear about it from your Fitbark 2 reports – which, let’s face it, is a huge nudge in the right direction for not just the dog, but owners too!



I love this part of Fitbark the best.

Monitoring your dogs sleeping patterns is crucial to catching the early signs of any health problems. When dogs continue to have lots of restless nights sleep it is usually a sign that something is wrong.  Arthritis in dogs can cause your dog to be uncomfortable as can other, more serious sleep-related illnesses. If you have recently bought a new dog crate for your puppy and want to know how she is sleeping in it, then the FitBark 2 is your night time eyes!


Pet Sitters.

If you leave your pooch with a Dogsitter while you are away from home then you are going to LOVE the Fitbark 2.

No more wondering if your dog is being taken for regular walks. You can monitor exactly what he has done throughout the day, leaving you to relax and enjoy your time away.



No dog owner likes it when their dog seems ‘off”. There are times when for no reason your pooch won’t eat his food, or he may start to mope around and look miserable.

With your Fitbark 2, you can easily share you’re all of your dog’s information with your vet, giving them a better idea of how your dog has been behaving and sleeping and if their recent behaviour is in any way related to their activity.



Fitbark 2 monitors your dogs sleeping patterns. so that you can be aware of any health problems

Fit bark 2 monitors your dog sleeping patterns alerting you of any changes.



But I Have A Big Playful Dog That Like To Swim In The Waves.


No problem! The Fitbark is designed to be submerged up to one meter for up to thirty minutes!

Although he Fitbark may look small and dainty it was made with rough and tumble in mind. Perfect for those with super sociable dogs who won’t stop jumping on top of each other at the local doggy cafe or at the beach!


The Fitbark 2 can be suberged under water for up to 30 minutes

The Fitbark 2 can be submerged underwater for up to 30 minutes making it perfect for those water baby dogs!


Tell Me Why I Need To Buy A FitBark


  • You will know exactly how much energy your dog has burned. Pooch has not had enough exercise? You fix it with a walk = healthy dog (and parent!) = a dog that lives longer.


  • You will know how she is sleeping, enabling you to catch any early signs of health problems.


  • You can leave your dog with a petsitter and have peace of mind.


  • Cost. Fitbark 2 is a small investment for keeping your dog healthy.



I know that you will love Fitbark 2 as much as I do. As dog parents, we care for our dogs so much and to know that we can help them even more by taking the information provided by Fitbark and using it to create an even happier life for our dog is something to feel excited about!



FitBark 2. The perfect solution to keeping your dog healthy. Free Shipping throughout New Zealand