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If you have recently been adopted by a female pug dog and are looking for a cute and unique name for her, look no further! We have all the names for female pug dogs you could dream of (and their meanings!).

You will discover one hundred and ninety-nine names and meanings perfect for your pug princess.

(If this list isn’t big enough for you, check out our other cute female dog names and meanings for even more choices!)

When you buy a dog, there are many things you need to know, including puppy crate training, finding the best dog food (you know you can’t wait to dive into those dog treat recipes!)  learning how to socialise your puppy and much more.

But before ANY of that, you need to give your girl pug dog a name! 


Puppy waiting for her parent to read names for female pug dogs!

Come on, already! Name me!


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Why Naming Your Female Pug Pup is Important 


It is important to choose carefully when naming your pup.

A dog’s name is more than just a label; it’s an identity that will stay with them for life and become a part of your daily conversations while dog walking and those late-night chats!

You only get one chance to name your girl pup, so let’s make it a unique and fun experience!

 There are many girl dog names, but choosing one that resonates with your female pug’s personality and appearance is important.

This will also help strengthen your bond with your furry companion.



Choosing a Name For Your Girl is FUN!


You wouldn’t name your female pug a name suited to one of the bigger breeds. You HAVE to give her a name that suits her! And that’s how we intend to help you.

Plus, let’s be real – giving your pup a unique name is just plain fun!

It’s a chance to get creative and show off your pug’s one-of-a-kind spirit.




Factors to Consider When Naming Your Wrinkly-Faced Princess


Personality: When choosing a name for your female pug dog, observe your pug’s temperament and quirks to find a name that suits her endearing character.


Appearance: Consider your female pug’s colouring, markings, or distinctive features when selecting a name that perfectly captures her looks.


Ease of pronunciation: Opt for a name that’s easy to say (and fun to call out!) without confusion during training. Dog training mistakes are to be expected; don’t make your mistake with your girl pug dog’s name!


Be Prepared if the Kids Name Her: Pugs are one of the best dog breeds for kids, but be warned…if you let your child name your pug, you may end up with some hard-to-pronounce Disney Princess name!


Meaning: Choose a name with a significant meaning that resonates with you or reflects your pug’s traits – whether it’s her sassy attitude or her love for those long lasting dog chews she can’t get enough of!

Before we start,  if you happen to be buying two dogs and one of them is a boy – check out our other post of 100 + unique names for boy dogs!






199 Unique Names For Female Pug Dogs





Bailey (Protective wall surrounding a castle)

Bea (Latin meaning ‘bringer of joy’)

Bebe (French meaning ‘baby’)

Bella (Italian meaning ‘beautiful’)

Beni (Japanese meaning ‘lovely’)

Bianca (Italian meaning ‘white’)

Bijou (French meaning ‘jewel’)

Blossom (English meaning ‘flower’)

Brie (French meaning ‘to break’)

Brinley (English meaning ‘burning meadow’)






Callie (Greek meaning ‘beautiful’)

Cami (French meaning ‘helper’)

Candy (English meaning ‘sweetness’)

Capri (Italian meaning ‘from the island of Capri’)

Carina (Spanish meaning ‘beloved’)

Carly (English meaning ‘free and pleasant’)

Cassia (Greek meaning ‘cinnamon tree’)

Cassie (French meaning ‘strong-willed’)

Cece (French meaning ‘blind’)

Celia (Latin meaning ‘heavenly’)

Chloe (Greek meaning ‘new, green shoot’)

Coco (French meaning ‘chocolate’)

Cora (Greek meaning ‘maiden’)

Cosette (French meaning ‘little thing’)

Cressida (Greek meaning ‘a gold band’)




Daisy (English meaning ‘day’s eye’)

Dani (Hebrew meaning ‘God is my judge’)

Demi (French meaning ‘half’)

Dixie (American meaning ‘from the south’)

Dolly (English meaning ‘doll’)

Dora (Greek meaning ‘gift’)


pug dog puppy



Eden (Hebrew meaning ‘delight’)

Edie (English meaning ‘prosperous in war’)

Eira (Welsh meaning ‘snow’)

Elara (Greek meaning ‘bright one’)

Elfie (English meaning ‘elf’)

Elodie (French meaning ‘foreign riches’)

Elsa (German meaning ‘God is my oath’)

Ember (English meaning ‘glowing coal’)

Emery (French meaning ‘brave’)

Emmy (German meaning ‘universal’)

Esme (French meaning ‘loved’)

Eva (Hebrew meaning ‘life-giver’)

Evie (Hebrew meaning ‘life’)

Evi (Turkish meaning ‘home’)







Fable (English meaning ‘story’)

Faye (French meaning ‘fairy’)

Fern (English meaning ‘plant’)

Fiona (Gaelic meaning ‘white, fair’)

Fleur (French meaning ‘flower’)

Flora (Latin meaning ‘flower’)




Gemma (Italian meaning ‘precious stone’)

Gia (Greek meaning ‘God’s gracious gift’)

Gigi (French meaning ‘pearl’)

Ginger (English meaning ‘reddish-brown’)

Gracie (Latin meaning ‘grace’)

Gwen (Welsh meaning ‘blessed, fair’)



names for female pug dogs



Hana (Japanese meaning ‘flower’)

Harley (English meaning ‘meadow of hares’)

Harriet (French meaning ‘home ruler’)

Hazel (English meaning ‘hazelnut tree’)

Heidi (German meaning ‘of noble birth’)

Holly (English meaning ‘holly tree’)

Honey (English meaning ‘sweet’)


Female pug dog



Ida (German meaning ‘industrious one’)

Indi (Sanskrit meaning ‘praise’)

Indie (English meaning ‘independent’)

Iris (Greek meaning ‘rainbow’)

Isla (Spanish meaning ‘island’)

Ivy (English meaning ‘faithful’)





Jade (Spanish meaning ‘stone of the side’)

Jaina (Sanskrit meaning ‘victorious’)

Jasmine (Persian meaning ‘gift from God’)

Jemma (English meaning ‘precious stone’)

Jersey (English meaning ‘channel island’)

Jett (English meaning ‘black gem’)

Junie (English meaning ‘young’)


names for female pug dogs

Have you looked at the names for female pug dogs? I’m ready for my bath…




Kaia (Hawaiian meaning ‘sea’)

Kallie (Greek meaning ‘most beautiful’)

Kara (Italian meaning ‘beloved’)

Kenzie (Scottish meaning ‘fair one’)

Kiki (Hawaiian meaning ‘liquid’)

Kira (Russian meaning ‘ruler’)

Kylie (English meaning ‘boomerang’)



Lacy (English meaning ‘lace’)

Lainey (English meaning ‘meadow’)

Lani (Hawaiian meaning ‘heavenly’)

Lara (Russian meaning ‘cheerful’)

Leia (Greek meaning ‘weary’)

Leila (Arabic meaning ‘night’)

Lila (Sanskrit meaning ‘play’)

Lillie (English meaning ‘lily flower’)

Lina (German meaning ‘tender’)

Lola (Spanish meaning ‘sorrows’)

Lulu (English meaning ‘precious pearl’)

Luna (Latin meaning ‘moon’)

Lyla (Arabic meaning ‘night’)




Mabel (Latin meaning ‘lovable’)

Macie (Hebrew meaning ‘increase’)

Macy (Hebrew meaning ‘increase’)

Maddison (English meaning ‘son of Maud’)

Maisie (Hebrew meaning ‘bitter’)

Malia (Hawaiian meaning ‘calm’)

Marley (English meaning ‘pleasant seaside 






Nala (Russian meaning ‘hope’)

Nelly (English meaning ‘bright’)

Nia (Swahili meaning ‘purpose’)

Nikki (Greek meaning ‘victory of the people’)

Nilla (Spanish meaning ‘little girl’)

Nola (French meaning ‘cholera victory’)

Nova (Latin meaning ‘new’)





Olive (English meaning ‘olive tree’)

Opal (Greek meaning ‘precious jewel’)

Oprah (Hebrew meaning ‘fawn’)

Orla (Irish meaning ‘golden princess’)



Paityn (Greek meaning ‘humble’)

Paisley (English meaning ‘church’)

Paloma (Spanish meaning ‘dove’)

Panda (Greek meaning ‘all people’)

Peanut (English meaning ‘small nut’)

Pearly (English meaning ‘precious pearl’)

Pebbles (English meaning ‘small stone’)

Penelope (Greek meaning ‘weaver’)

Penny (English meaning ‘precious’)

Pepper (English meaning ‘hot spice plant’)

Phoebe (Greek meaning ‘radiant’)

Pia (Latin meaning ‘pious/dutiful’)

Pippa (English meaning ‘lover of horses’)

Pixie (English meaning ‘fairy/sprite’)

Poppy (English meaning ‘red flower’)


Let’s all have a sleep, and when we wake up, they’ll have a name for us…




Quinn (Irish meaning ‘descendant of Conn’)

Queenie (a fun way to say she is the Queen!)



Rae (Greek meaning ‘freckled’)

Remy (French meaning ‘oarsman’)

Remy (Latin meaning ‘remedy’)

River (English meaning ‘body of water’)

Rory (Irish meaning ‘red king’)

Rosa (Latin meaning ‘rose’)

Rosie (English meaning ‘rose’)

Roxie (Persian meaning ‘dawn’)

Ruby (Latin meaning ‘red’)


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Sadie (Hebrew meaning ‘princess’)

Sasha (Russian meaning ‘protector of mankind’)

Saylor (English meaning ‘sail maker’)

Scarlett (English meaning ‘scarlet color’)

Scout (English meaning ‘to look over’)

Shiloh (Hebrew meaning ‘peace’)

Sienna (Italian meaning ‘reddish brown’)

Skye (Scottish meaning ‘cloud’)

Sloane (Irish meaning ‘raider’)

Snickers (English meaning ‘candy bar’)

Sookie (English meaning ‘sugar cookie’)

Sophie (Greek meaning ‘wisdom’)

Stella (Latin meaning ‘star’)

Sugar (English meaning ‘sweet’)

Sunny (English meaning ‘sunshine’)



Tala (Hawaiian meaning ‘brilliant’)

Tallulah (Native American meaning ‘leaping water’)

Tessa (Greek meaning ‘to harvest’)

Tilly (English meaning ‘quiet strength’)

Tofu (Japanese meaning ‘bean curd’)

Toni (Italian meaning ‘priceless one’)

Truffles (English meaning ‘edible fungi’)

Tulip (English meaning ‘flower’)

Twiggy (English meaning ‘slender’)

Tynley (Scottish meaning ‘from the meadow’)


pug dog puppy girl looking for a name in a blanket


Uma (Sanskrit meaning ‘tranquillity’)



Vada (Sanskrit meaning ‘promised’)

Vera (Russian meaning ‘faith’)

Vivi (Latin meaning ‘lively’)

Vixen (English meaning ‘female fox’)


names for female pug dogs



Waffles (English meaning ‘gridded cake’)

Willa (German meaning ‘resolute protection’)

Willow (English meaning ‘willow tree’)

Winnie (English meaning ‘fair one’)

Winter (English meaning ‘coldest season’)



Xena (Greek meaning ‘hospitable’)

Xyla (Greek meaning ‘made of wood’)





Yara (Arabic meaning ‘small butterfly’)

Yuki (Japanese meaning ‘snow’)


names for female pug dogs




Zara (Arabic meaning ‘blooming flower’)

Zelda (German meaning ‘grey fighting maid’)

Zia (Arabic meaning ‘light’)

Zola (French meaning ‘earth’)

Zuri (Swahili meaning ‘beautiful’)




We hope you have found your perfect female Pug Dog Name!


By choosing a unique and meaningful name for the female pug dog in your life, you give her a distinct identity that will strengthen your incredible bond.

Have fun finding the perfect name for your wrinkly-faced princess!


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