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You’ve bought your new male puppy and the time has come to make that big decision. You know. The one that will stay with you for the next decade or so. So here you are searching all over the internet looking for unique boy dog names.

The task of finding dog names for males is quite intense, isn’t it?

I know because I have done this myself many times (I even had to write a list of female dog names so I could cover all bases!)

To make things a little easier for you, I have laid out the following names for a boy dog in alphabetical order (I even found some beginning with X!)

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small brown and white puppy looking up. Best names for a male dog

What name do you think I would suit?



What To Look For When Choosing Unique Boy Dog Names


I suggest that you take your time as you look through these boy dog names.

When one takes your liking, add it to a shortlist.

It is easy to become overwhelmed when choosing a unique name for your dog – one that the entire family will have to love and so narrowing the search down to three or four names will make things a whole lot easier for you.


Be Original


Try and choose an original name. You don’t want to be walking with your dog at the local pooch hang out and hear the same name being called more than once.


When Naming Your Dog Remember! Not too Many Syllables


Try to keep the name that you choose for your boy dog to no more than two syllables – or a maximum of three. Any more and you may find it quite a mouthful when you are trying to socialise him and get him to learn the basic commands of training!



Take Personality into Consideration


Look for a name that suits your boy dogs personality. You can do this by discovering the meaning behind the name (I have done this for you!)

You may have a delicate little Shih Zu, in which case a name like ‘bulldozer wouldn’t quite fit (although not out of the question – depends if he has a bulldozer personality!) Check out our small dog names boy section at the end of the post.

Similarly, your new dog may be a hefty Bernese Mountain Dog in which case trying to match him with a name like Pebbles might embarrass him somewhat when he hangs at the local dog cafe!


Take Colour Into Consideration


If you have chosen to buy a big white dog breed then naming him Ebony or Nero (very popular male dog names) might not quite cut the mustard.

Choose a name that will suit your boy dog for many years to come and one that you don’t have to spend explaining the meaning behind to every stranger that asks!

If you have a cute looking dog then check out our cute boy dog names at the end of the post.

Without further ado, the finest list of boy dog names and meanings:


Puppy smiling with his tongue out. Unique names for a boy dog

Get ready to make a shortlist of all the unique boy dog names!



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Ace  – Latin origin. Referred to as  ‘number one’ or  ‘The best’

Arlo   –  Spanish for barberry tree

Atticus  – Of Latin origin. Made popular by the book ‘to kill a Mockingbird’

Amir  – Arabic for Prince. Strong commanding

Axel – Meaning father of peace. German origin




Beau – French. meaning ‘handsome’

Bruce – French. Originated from Robert the Bruce, who became the king of Scotland in the 14th century

Briggs –  English origin meaning ‘bridges’.

Bronson – Middle English origin meaning ‘son of the brown man’

Bruno – German origin. Meaning ‘brown’

Benson – British origin meaning ‘son of Ben’




Chase – Originating from the middle ages in England, meaning ‘hunter’

Cesar – Derived from the Latin word ‘Caesaries,’  meaning  ‘head of hair’ (perfect for a dog with a beautiful coat such as the Bernese breed!)

Cannon – French. ‘Meaning official of the church’

Cyrus –  Derived from the Greek form Kyros meaning ‘king’ or ‘lord’

Colt – British origin meaning ‘frisky young horse’






Dante –  Italian. Originally derived from the name Durante, which means ‘lasting, enduring.’

Dawson – British origin meaning ‘son of David’

Draco –  Latin for ‘dragon’ and made popular by the Harry Potter films

Drake – Same as above but if you are not an HP fan then maybe choose this one!

Duke – Latin meaning ‘leader’




Edgar – British. Meaning ‘wealthy spear’

Ezra – Hebrew. Meaning ‘helper’

Enzo – Italian. Meaning ‘home ruler’

Easton – If you live in the East of the country you might like this! Originating from Britain meaning ‘east settlement’

Elian – Spanish originating from the clan ‘Aelia’



brown Labrador puppy

“I could be a helper?” Unique dog names for boy dogs




Finnegan – Irish meaning ‘fair’

Flynn – Irish meaning ‘ruddy-complected’

Fox – British word referring to the sleek animal – the fox

Franco – Latin meaning ‘free man’

Fletcher – Middle English origin meaning ‘arrow maker’





Giovani – Italian meaning ‘God is gracious’

Gage – French origin meaning ‘pledge/oath’

Gideon – Hebrew meaning ‘powerful warrior’

Grady – Irish. Meaning ‘renowned’



Small fat puppy dog. The most unique name for a boy dog is in this post

Gideon – Powerful warrior. What do you think?





Hector – Greek meaning ‘steadfast’

Hank – Old German origin meaning ‘home ruler’

Hugo – A male name of Latin origin

Hudson – British origin meaning ‘son of Hugh’ or ‘son of Richard’





Ike – Hebrew origin meaning ‘laughter’

Iver – Scandinavian origin meaning ‘archer’





Jax – British origin meaning ‘son of Jack’

Jorge – Origin Greek originally derived from the Greek word ‘georgos,’ meaning “farmer”

Jonah – Hebrew origin meaning ‘dove’

Jasper – Greek origin meaning ‘treasurer’





Kane – Irish. Meaning ‘little battler’

Kobe – Popular Hungarian name

Knox – British word meaning ’round-top hill’

Kinslee – British origin  meaning ‘kings meadow’

Kye – Welsh, Scandinavian, Greek and Gaelic origin meaning ‘keeper of the keys, Earth, narrow, or straight’





Leo – Latin origin meaning ‘Lion’

Luca – Italian. Meaning ‘bringer of light’

Leon – Greek origin meaning ‘lion’



big dog touching noses with a small dog.

“Hello. My name is Leo. It means Lion. What do you think?”





Maddox – Anglo-Welsh origin meaning ‘benefactors son’

Milo – Now a very famous drink in New Zealand, the name Milo is an Old Germanic form of the name Miles, which comes from the Latin word for ‘soldier’

Mateo – Hebrew origin meaning ‘gift of God’

Milan – Is a Sanskrit word meaning ‘coming together’

Major – Latin word meaning ‘greater’




Nixon – British origin meaning ‘son of Nicholas’

Nile – Irish origin  meaning ‘champion’

Nasir – Arabic origin meaning ‘supporter’

Nash – British origin meaning ‘by the ash tree’

Nikko – British origin meaning ‘victory’





Odin – Norse origin. Odin was the god of Norse mythology, identified with art, culture and war

Orson – Latin origin meaning ‘bear’

Octavia – Latin origin meaning ‘eighth’

Otis – Old German  origin meaning ‘wealth’

Ozzy – German meaning ‘God’s power’



Bear like puppy boy dog

Orson. Meaning ‘Bear’ Is this the perfect name for this boy dog?





Pedro – Spanish origin meaning ‘rock’

Price – Old French origin meaning ‘prize’

Perseus – Greek origin. In Greek mythology, Perseus was the son of Zeus and Danae’

Presley – Everyone thinks of Elvis when they hear this name but it is a name that has been used since the 12th century and means ‘priest’s meadow’

Pace – Hebrew origin meaning ‘Passover’





Quillen – Irish origin meaning ‘cub’

Quinto – Latin origin meaning ‘fifth born son’

Qi – Chinese origin meaning ‘enlightenment’





River – A popular British name for people who love nature

Roland – German origin meaning ‘renowned land’

Romeo – Italian origin. The name is best known for the star crossed lover from William Shakespeare famous play

Raul – Spanish origin

Rex –  Latin origin meaning ‘king’





Sergio – Latin origin meaning ‘servant’

Sylas – Latin origin meaning ‘of the forest’

Saul – Hebrew meaning ‘prayed for’

Salem – Hebrew origin meaning ‘peace’



Puppy asleep in womans arms

Sergio. Latin meaning ‘servant’. I could do that. Once I wake up…





Ty – British origin

Todd – Middle English origin meaning ‘fox’

Titus – Latin origin. Name of a Roman emperor in the first century

Tyson – French origin meaning ‘high spirited’

Taj – Sanskrit origin meaning ‘crown’


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Ulrik – German origin meaning ‘power of the wolf’

Uri – Hebrew origin meaning ‘my light, my flame’

Usher – Latin origin meaning ‘river mouth’

Umer – Arabic for ‘prospering or thriving’





Vito – Latin origin meaning ‘life-giving’

Vincent – Latin meaning ‘prevailing’

Victor – Latin for ‘champion’

Valentino – Latin origin meaning ‘strong’



sleeping dog with a wrinkly squashed face

“Tell me when you have chosen the perfect boy dog name for me and I’ll let you know what I think”





Wiley – British origin meaning ‘crafty’

Winston – British origin meaning ‘joyful stone’

Wilmer – Old German origin meaning ‘strong desire’




Xavier – Spanish origin meaning ‘bright and splendid’

Xeno –  Greek origin, meaning ‘foreign voice’





Yash – Sanskrit origin meaning ’eminence’

Yuri – a popular Russian male name

Yukio – Japanese origin meaning ‘snow’


white long haired dog looking out to a beautiful lake

Yukio. The perfect name for a beautiful white-haired boy





Zion – Hebrew origin meaning ‘highest point’

Zack – Hebrew origin meaning ‘laughter’

Zeus – Greek origin meaning ‘living’

Zane – Hebrew origin meaning ‘God is gracious’



Pug dog wrapped in a blanket

Yoda. May the force be with you. Just an idea?



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10 Cute Boy Dog Names


If you have a really cute boy dog ( and let’s face it – which puppy dog isn’t cute?!) and are looking around for cute boy dog names then take look through this list and see if there is something that would suit your young chap!


Jett – English origin meaning ‘black’

Loki –  A Gog in Norse mythology

Yoda – Hebrew origin meaning ‘one who knows’

Peanut – A cut little nut!

Ollie – Short for Oliver. Ollie is from Germany and means ‘elf army’

Coco – Spanish origin derived from the word ‘Socorro’ meaning ‘help’

Otis – Derived from the old German word ‘Odo’ meaning ‘riches’

Tommy – An Aramaic name meaning twin (great if you have two dogs!)

Elf – A supernatural creature of folk tales

Rami -Arabic origin meaning ‘loving’



cute boy dog looking up

What do you think? Am I cute?


And for those of you who love the super small breeds, this is the list for you!



Small Dog Names – Boy


From the smallest to the shortest, here are ten names that would suit small dogs whatever their breed!


Button – As cute as a…? You’ve got it!

Morsel – A small piece or amount

Pebbles – A small, smooth round stone

Bolt – Made famous by the little white dog from the Pixar movie with the same name

Teddy – Apart from being a soft bear, the name Teddy means ‘wealthy guardian’

Artoo – A fictional character from  the Star Wars films

Alfie – Derived from the old English name ‘Alfred’ which means ‘wise counsel’

Dobby – Character from Harry Potter which means benevolent elf’

Pippin – Latin origin meaning ‘foreigner’

Spock – For all of you Star-Trek fans!



small grey dog sitting with a woman

Looking for the perfect small dog names for your boy? Here they are!



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Frequently Asked Questions About Dog Names For Males


What are the Top 10 dog names for males in 2019?


  1. Max
  2. Bear
  3. Charlie
  4. Toby
  5. Lucky
  6. Cooper
  7. Loki
  8. Teddy
  9. Rocky
  10. Finn



What is a male dog called?


In common terms, the male dog is called a ‘Dog’ and the female dog is called a ‘Bitch’. However, if you would like to trace back a dog’s history then you would look for ‘Sire’ (male dog) and ‘Dam’ (female dog).


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What To Remember When Searching Through Unique Boy Dog Names


Did you find what you were looking for? Did you make the shortlist?

We have also compiled a list of over 100 unique names for female dogs too (if you happen to be adopting or buying two puppies!)

A word of advice when choosing the best name for your dog – you won’t be able to please everyone! You may find a name for your boy that you thought was lovely and then you make the mistake of asking the next-door neighbour or your regular pet sitter.

Don’t do that.

Pick the name that you love the most, run it by the immediate family members and then go for it!

You have taken the time to research the list of unique boy dog names and now is the time to present it to your puppy and let him own it with pride! Remember – if you enjoyed this post then PLEASE share it with a friend! Give my love to your puppy!