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When people think about owning a dog for the first time they know that their lives will change. Daily walking, training,  the vet bills – (not too many if you keep your dog fit and healthy!) But what most dog owners overlook is the quality time and benefits of giving your dog a regular brush. Using a dog brush on your dog will give you and your pooch far more than a soft coat.


The benefits of using a dog brush

Brushing your dog will give him more than a soft coat!


Depending on the breed of dog that you have chosen, different dogs require brushing more frequently. If your new puppy is a Bernese Mountain Dog for example, then  I hope you have invested in a long-standing dog brush!

That being said every dog loves to be brushed and the benefits are priceless. Be sure to introduce your young puppy to the dog brush in the early socialisation stage. If you have adopted an older dog, take the dog brush out at the same time every day and have him lay down in a quiet place. Both of you will soon come to love this regular pampering session.

Here are 7 reasons why you will be glad that you took take the time to give your dog a regular brush.


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Dog brushing hair benefits


Brushing Your Dog. 6 Reasons Why She Will Love You For It.


Brushing Removes Loose Hair.

  • I thought we would start with the obvious one first. Removing the loose hair from your dog will not only make her feel better but will mean that vacuuming your house will take far less time and the cost of vacuum bags will be halved. I don’t know f you have ever owned a long-haired dog and checked the insides of the Vacuum bag? It’s not pretty!


Brushing Prevents Knots and Mats

  • Neglect your dogs brushing routine and those horrid knots and mats of fur gather together on your dogs coat. These mats are very painful to a dog and can be the cause of skin problems and infections.  Imagine someone gently tugging at your hair for 24 hours a day – that’s how it feels for a dog to have knotty fur. Using a dog brush on your dog’s coat will prevent these mats from forming.


using a dog brush to prevent knots and mats

Giving your dog a regular brush will stop her fur from getting painful knots and mats.

Brushing Lets You Keep An Eye On Your Dogs Skin

  • Using a good quality dog brush on your pooch, one that allows you to separate her fur easily, will help you to spot any troublesome lumps, bumps, ticks, or fleas that your dog may have. Most bumps are absolutely nothing to worry about, but if there is something that is causing you concern or is painful to your dog, go and see your vet immediately.


Brushing Helps To Stimulate The Natural Oils In Your Dogs Coat

  • If you have ever brushed your own hair before it has been washed you will know how oily it becomes. This is the same for your dog. When you brush your dogs’ coat, it stimulates circulation and distributes your dog’s natural oils throughout her entire coat. If you really want your dog’s coat to shine then take up the dog brush!


Brushing keeps Your Dog Looking Her Best!

  • We all like to look our best so why would your dog be any different? Along with a few natural eating tips, giving your dog a regular brushing session will make him look his very best, thus boosting his confidence. Don’t believe me? Watch how he struts around when you take him to his local cafe on Sunday!


Using a dog brush to make your dog feel special

Ok Mother. Let’s hit the street.


Brushing Promotes Bonding Between You and Your Dog


  • This is my personal favourite. Establishing a  regular brushing time with your dog will make the bond between the two of you incredibly strong. What’s not to love about spending ten minutes with your dog alone every day? By letting you brush him, your dog shows trust and appreciation. Watch how he gets all soppy when he sees the brush!


Dog brushing increases the bonding between dog and owner

Regular dog brushing will increase the bond between you are your pooch.


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I hope that you enjoyed our guide why using a dog brush on your dog will do more than promote a healthy coat! If you have a particular story to share about what brushing your dog looks like then please share it with us in the comments or send us a photograph!