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Wi-Fi Base Station


The Wi-Fi Base station remotely syncs any FitBark or FitBark 2 nearby, turning your Wi-Fi router into a real-time synchronization hub.

For FitBark and FitBark 2

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Always in Sync with Your Pups

Without a Wi-Fi Base Station, your FitBark or FitBark 2 will internally store all of your dog’s activity and sleep information 24/7 until it finds an authorized smartphone to sync with.

The Wi-Fi Base station remotely syncs any FitBark or FitBark 2 nearby, turning your Wi-Fi router into a real-time synchronization hub. It is especially helpful:

  • To get peace of mind when your dog is home alone
  • For FitBark-enabled businesses (daycares, vet clinics, etc.)
  • To keep a large number of dogs in sync without cycling through various dog profiles in the FitBark mobile app

The FitBark Wi-Fi Base Station is an open hub. Once you set your network’s Wi-Fi password via the FitBark mobile app, it will anonymously keep any FitBark or FitBark 2 nearby in sync without requiring any additional configuration.



At FitBark, we think of dog and human health as one. We couldn’t imagine a world where we push our bodies and watch our diets to get healthy, and leave the pets we love on a path to medical crisis - with minimal exercise and unrestricted access to food. That's why we are entirely dedicated to getting you and your pet healthy together. And making it fun!


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